Tech Tips

Are you compliant with ANSI Z359.13-2009?

ANSI introduced a new standard in fall protection:

  • Two classes of energy absorbing lanyards (EALs) are classified within the new standard as either 6 ft free fall or 12 ft free fall

  • 6 ft EALs shall be identified on a white label with black print and 12 ft EALs shall be identified with a black label and white print

  • Specific marking requirements for EALs include: the average arrest force, maximum free fall distance and weight capacity of the device on a seperate label.

  • EALs shall have a maximum deployment distance of 48" (previously 42") for free falls of up to 6 ft and maximum deployment distance of 60" for free falls of up to 12 ft

DBI Sala Force 2 Rescue Lanyard

DBI Sala has a new lanyard for the wind industry (1242551) that has the rescue rings for rescue situations. This new lanyard has elastic webbing to reduce tripping but is available in rope as well. The shock pack has a PVC cover to protect it from abrasion while climbing towers. The hooks have been enlarged to fit over a variety of anchor points. This lanyard meets ANSI Z359.13-2009!

Storing your harness

Your harness along with lanyards and the rest of your climbing PPE is very expensive, but more importantly it is the thing that could save your life! Grease, oil, dirt and even UV rays from the sun can cause your harness to deteriorate which could cause a failure in the event of a fall. Don't throw it in the back of your truck or even hang it on the hooks inside your truck! By simply storing your harness and other gear in a duffle bag will keep your gear clean and extend the life of your PPE. This is one of the little things that gets overlooked but could save your life!

New Tractel Lanyards

Tractel has their lanyard out with the d-rings for quick rescue without having to use the rope grab in the old Derope systems. It is a model CA226H/R. These lanyards also use a bungee type lanyard instead of the rope so it stays out of the way and doesn't get caught under your feet while climbing and moving around. This is the approved lanyard on GE wind farms. We are stocking the CA226H/R, as well as the CAY226H/R. Visit our Tractel PPE page for a photo of the C226H lanyard.