Lubrication Basics

Grease Lubrication Solutions for Wind Turbines

Schematic of wind turbine

Why consider Automatic Lubrication?

  • Extended service intervals can be achieved by eliminating manual point by point lubrication
  • Minimizing the time required with manual lubrication results in better utilization of the technician’s time
  • Automatic Lubrication Systems will operate reliably in either harsh or favorable environmental conditions
  • Reduce wear & tear on expensive bearings and components means improved wind turbine reliability and uptime
  • Typically, automatic systems reduces lubricant consumption when compared to manual lubrication methods
Chart - Reasons for bearing replacement
*Studies by a major bearing manufacturer show that over 50% of bearings are replaced prematurely due to inadequate lubrication or contamination

Lincoln Lubrication Systems improve turbine reliability by:

  • Delivering smaller amounts of grease, more frequently
  • Ensuring the right amount of grease is maintained at the bearing points

Chart - Reasons for bearing replacement

Applications for Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems


Popular and Proven Applications for Lincoln Systems

Generator Bearings using
the Lincoln 401 System
Pitch Bearing
Lubrication System
Yaw Drive System Applying
Grease to the Gear
Hub Bearing System - the system is
designed to rotate with the blade

Windpower Supply offers complete systems that are specifically designed for your wind turbine equipment. Our lubrication system services include:

  • System design, engineering, and technical support
  • System Installation, Service Repair, and Commissioning Services
  • System Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Training and Documentation
  • Lincoln Inventory Support in Midland, Texas to support most factory fit Lincoln Pumps:
    • Fittings
    • Grease metering divider blocks
    • Tubing and Hose


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